Welcome to Our Hitchin Our Streets

Late News:  The period for taking photographs has now expired.  We are now preparing for the exhibition, which will take place at the British Schools Museum in Hitchin from Saturday 4th to Sunday 19th of March.

Welcome to Our Hitchin Our Streets (OHOS) a community photography project organised by Hitchin Camera Club. OHOS invites the people of Hitchin to photograph all the streets of the town.

OHOS aims to show the diversity of the town from its historic streets and back alleys to the residential estates and industrial areas. There are no right or wrong images, we hope for a wide range of photographs mixing urban landscapes, local details and people in the landscape. The street road sign does not have to be included in the photograph.  Have a look at the All Streets menu tab to see a range of images that people have posted so far.  However the main thing is to take a picture that you like, and definitely we want you to upload your view of the street even though other images of it may already appear.

We encourage images taken on any equipment including mobile phones and tablets. Login and use the Add Photo menu option to upload photographs, where they will form a web archive. 

OHOS ran from 1st April to 30th September 2016 and all images uploaded to the website were taken during that time frame.



An exhibition of selected images, sponsored by ATOP Property Lettings, will be held in Hitchin, in March 2017 .


Contacting Us

Should you have any concerns about any posted image then please contact us.  Click on the 'Contact Us' menu item above.